Process Lasso and Windows 10

Process Lasso 8.2 was released a few days ago and has full Windows 10 support. There weren’t many changes necessary, as we were already prepared. However, there was one auto-start problem that needed correction. We’ve granted eligibility to all single-version promotional Pro users who would of otherwise not been eligible for this update, just to make sure they have full Windows 10 compatibility.

As for Windows 10 – It’s GREAT! The desktop is restored to the center-stage, where it belongs on a PC. It’s got all the enhancements of Windows 8, but more like Windows 7 for traditional PC users. It has improved themes and looks better. Process Lasso actually looks quite well running on it.

Microsoft further made a great move by giving Windows 10 away freely to most users. This will help ensure users upgrade and that Windows remains the dominant operating system for most of the home desktop/laptop and business world. We truly believe you’ll like it, especially if you hated Windows 8, as we, and many of our customers, did.

Below is a screenshot of Process Lasso Pro running on Windows 10.


For those users wondering what happened to ‘Windows 9′, this was skipped to avoid confusion with the old Windows 95/98/Me series, which of course used a different, much less secure, kernel and code base. The kernel in Windows 10 has been changed in version as well, but is essentially NT 6.4 – had they not also changed the NT version number to ’10’. In other words, not much has changed with regards to hardware and driver compatibility, which is a good thing.

To put this in a readable list:

  • Windows NT – NT 4.0  – original NT kernel, not used by Win95/98/Me
  • Windows 2000 – NT 5.0
  • Windows XP – NT 5.1
  • Windows Vista – NT 6.0 (major kernel refactoring)
  • Windows 7 – NT 6.1
  • Windows 8 – NT 6.2
  • Windows 8.1 – NT 6.3
  • Windows 10 – NT 10 (but really would be 6.4)
Process Lasso and Windows 10

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