About Bitsum LLC

This is a new blog where Bitsum documents our on-going efforts to be at the forefront of innovation in a number of areas, but particularly PC and Server Real-Time Optimization.

Bitsum LLC has been around since 2002, originally developing the advanced Windows Executable compressor PECompact and other developer utilities. PECompact has been used by no-less than Google on their Google Desktop application (no longer available).

We later added some consumer utilities, with Process Lasso being one of the more popular. However, we’ve got a wide array of freeware, including ParkControl and numerous other projects.

We’ve shown the world how PCs can run faster and more optimally. We’ve literally created new industries with our real-time optimization found in Process Lasso. We’ve shown the world how parked CPUs and frequency scaling substantially affect the performance of bursting CPU loads, and conquered a deficiency in the Windows CPU Scheduler with our ProBalance algorithm. We created a graphical demo of the effect, so check it out for yourself!

We even spent some time in embedded systems research and development, unlocking the infamous Linksys WRT54Gv5+ when it was closed to linux firmwares. We also worked to develop a web based interface and consumer friendly distribution OpenWrt, called X-Wrt. At present, we don’t do much in this area, though are always geared up to rejoin this industry should we choose.


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